Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On the road again?

Well hopefully.
We ran the generator for 6 hours today. The voltage on the batteries seems to be holding and acting more normally. So, we have decided to try again and will head out for Manihiki in the morning. Please keep your fingers crossed for us. The chart plotter is back to normal, so that is good.
It is possible that this turn around was a blessing in disguise. I had meant to lubricate the gooseneck (where the boom attaches to the mast) before we left, but forgot. It had been making a really annoying noise during the crossing from Fanning. So today with nothing to do but listen to the generator run I decided to put some dry lubricant on it. Well, do you remember when Josh went up the mast at Fanning, one of the reasons was to look and see if a bolt was missing from anywhere? Turns out it was from the gooseneck. The other half of the bolt was still there, but how much longer it would have held????? There is a nice new bolt there now. So maybe the gods were watching out for us after all.
Otherwise a pretty quiet day. Seemed hotter than it has been, but that was probably due to 6 hours of generator heat. Definitely have lots of hot water though! Too bad hot showers are the last thing any of us are interested in.
Will post tomorrow night

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