Monday, July 15, 2013

Pictures - Fanning I

 Sorry, not in any particular order - just happy to be able to post.

Evergreen and the KWAI - Fanning Island

 Bruno's place with clockwise from top:  Carol, Josh, Dennis, Mike and Fred
 Bruno with Agnes - Great bike seat huh?
 Gotta love this - solar on thatch
 Doug, Bruno, Agnes and Paul

 Bruno, Tabita, Paul, JoJo and Margery
 Customs, Immigration and quarantine
 seems it is a tradition to have a picture of us all on a road on whatever Island we happen to be on
Evergreen coming through the pass into Fanning Lagoon
 Working on the dinghy engine - Josh really was helping
 Kwai coming in the lagoon.  gives some perspective of how big they are compared to us, but still only 120 ft.  Moondance was in their spot, Carla had the engine fired up to move, but they anchored by us instead.
Fred and Mike on Fred's boat. Hard to see, but there is alot of fish there.  We got two travalle out of it, but there was also wahoo and something else

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