Friday, July 26, 2013

manihiki to Suwarrow

lat 11 deg 21 S
long 161 deg 43 W
course 202
speed 6-7 kts
wind SE @20
swell E @ 8-10 ft
bar 1010

Well Mr. Baker forecasted fast and bouncy and it is just so. We left Manihiki by 0530 this morning and have been rockin and rollin all day. The day started sunny, but it is cloudy now, kinda nice really, cooler. Little bit of rain, one little bump up in wind with a squall, but otherwise we are just hanging on for the ride. Hope to arrive Suwarrow early afternoon tomorrow. We have waypoints into the lagoon, so that helps. We talked with Moondance this morning. They were well, rockin and rollin too They should get there early tomorrow morning. We will have our nightly contact with them shortly and see how their day has been.

Nothing of note to write about. Did have a thought for all my friends out there doing bikram yoga: How you feel after 90 minutes in the hot room, is how I feel after making dinner on passage - without the endorphin rush. I am praying it uses the same number of calories - yeah right. Dinner making on passage - a new Olympic sport. not for the faint of heart - LOL!!

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