Sunday, July 21, 2013


0300 zulu
lat 03 deg 05S
long 159 deg 01 W
course 180 mag (ish)
speed 8 kts (main, staysail and partial jib)
wind E @ 17kts
swell NE @ 8ft
partly cloudy and hot
bar 1007 (kinda looks like it was all over today, but hard to read our barometer)

So today was somewhat better. Probably my attitude more than anything. Wind came around, so we are going a little more downwind. If the swell would lessen life would be practically perfect in every way. It would be just like you all think it is. Sunny, flat, fast and umbrella drinks - I wish. Had several squalls today, nothing real major, but did give us practice bringing the jib in and out. Did I mention that yesterday we put the third reef in the main? That helped with the weather helm some. It is a fine line with the windvane steering. Trying to stay on a course (sort of). In these seas, we get hammered if we turn up into the wind too much, so the third reef helps the windvane stay in control more. (gibberish right?) Have done some pretty amazing burying of the starboard rail today. Finally gave up on the bottom drawer by the nav station - we are just leaving it out. fifty million pick up is only fun once.
Looks like the squalls are taking a break at the moment. Will have a big bright moon for our watches tonight. I am always sad when it goes down on my watch. I guess at some point we are going to have to change to local time. It is actually Zulu -11 in the Cooks. I can tell, cuz the sun is just coming up at 0600 now - was up at 0500 on the way to Fanning.

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