Saturday, July 27, 2013


Well here we are. And what I want I want to know is where is my gold belt buckle? 12 seconds lets try 37 hours. We all rode that bronc and put his ass to bed!!! Yee Haw!
Have to say I am glad it is over. We knew it was going to be fast and bumpy, but at about hour 32, I thought the sea was gonna win and just come on in. I am thinking that it really was that bad, but hard to tell when you haven't slept well.
My watch last night was a very mixed bag of tricks. Came on and we were going kinda slow. We were on a time crunch which of course I hate, but sometimes it is what it is. Dennis said I could put out more jib if I felt like it. Really, what kind of direction is that???? Anyway, almost immediately got hit by a squall, moderate wind no rain. Then as it passed it sucked out all the wind, so I let out more jib - still going less than 2 knots. So, I started the engine. That was good for a while, then came another squall, lots of wind and rain. Picture me sitting on the companion way cover holding on for dear life. Stopped the engine, and it was full tilt boogie from then on. No death rolls till late this afternoon - which of course I reeallly hate. Overcast and cloudy all day, Josh had a pretty dry watch, but Dennis had several squalls with rain. Made Suwarrow by 1530ish. Wow! thank god for the way points. Visibility was totally flat. Josh and I were up front on watch for coral heads and Dennis was driving. He had poor Izzie up to 2200 rpms and we were only making 1 kt of headway!!! Totally crazy. But he did an awesome job and we are safely anchored behind "Anchorage Island" (imagine that?). Moondance called when we were about 10 miles out to give us more info on the entrance (Thank You Moondance!!!).
Well by now we have had an ice cold beer, dinner and wine, so are nice and mellow. Looking forward to a good night's flat sleep in my own bed. Tomorrow has been declared a day of rest. Josh laughs when we say that, cuz our list includes, make water, run the generator, check in, maybe go exploring - restful right?
So far our impression of this stop is favorable, despite the sharks. Dennis and Josh have both been in the water and have had no problems. I just wasn't up to it, so will do a fresh water rinse before bed. Josh is excited to go spear fishing, and at this point it is not really a matter of fun, but a matter of we need food!!! We will check in tomorrow with the ranger and find out what is what. More to come.....

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