Friday, July 5, 2013

still enroute to Christmas

Yeah, you gotta love sailing. I mean really, or otherwise it will make you nuts. So, note to self and any other cruisers behind us. Christmas is SE of Fanning and the current is strong and the gribs lie. When you combine those three things, the 32 estimated hours for travel turn more into 40 which means an in dark arrival to the anchorage. The easterly winds forecast never showed, in fact we had 10-15 on the nose all night and all day today, so all motoring with no help (in fact only really hindrance) from the wind. Pretty much an uncomfortable bash. Our poor engine is going to need a vacation, and maybe some sort of engine peace offering - old Izzy is working hard.

Josh took his first wave into his room last night, good thing I was able to use our bed, or there might have been serious trouble around sleeping arrangements! It is all dried out now, but the boy cave needs a serious airing out.

Has been sunny though, a couple of short rain showers and actually a break from the sun is okay. Both Dennis and Josh have been feeling a little under the weather. Josh says the first two days of a crossing are a complete write off for him. I guess I will have to remember to feed them their meclizine the night before we leave so they are not playing catch up. I am doing okay, but the motion is not my favorite either.

Oh yeah, and we forgot about the whole day ahead thing (or at least I did), so it is Friday for them today, and next week is a holiday (independence week - I guess although the day is July 12). That leaves us wondering whether or not we will be able to clear into this Island or not. That would surely suck if no officials will clear us in. There is an airport, so you would think someone in customs/immigration is working, but it is not a given. Josh may mutiny if he doesn't get access to the internet pretty soon. He is looking forward to it - I am too for that matter. I have my pictures all ready to upload and everything.

One more thing today. Remember that if you are commenting on the blog or facebook, I don't see those. Remember no internet. So if you want you can reply to Text only. I am feeling lonely as my child is getting more mail than I am :( (poor me..) Glad he is getting mail though - gives him something to look forward to every day.

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