Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Just kidding

Well, we are back at Christmas. We did leave yesterday, but had trouble with the chart plotter, compounded by low voltage in the house battery banks. So, after three hours of sailing, we turned around and came back to the anchorage here at Christmas. In a very appreciated show of support, Moondance came back with us.
We still have some internet time left (thanks again Hoo Roo) so Dennis was able to look up how to do a hard reset on the chart plotter (this was after checking for loose connections and voltage etc). Yay it reset, and appears to be back working normally.
The low battery voltage is another thing entirely. We are hoping that the method we have been using to determine the charge on the battery is inaccurate, resulting in chronically low charging. We are trying something different today. Keep your fingers crossed for us, as the other causes would be lots harder to find and costly to fix.
In the meantime, Josh gets another day to work on his biology course (quizzes are onlne) and we get another day in London anchorage. Waffles for breakfast.
More later

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