Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Boat day

Well, changed our minds and had a boat day today. Josh did school, Dennis worked on route planning and weather and wiring the TV sound, and I did laundry, changed sheets, did dishes, sewed Josh's backpack and finished my book. Oh yeah, had a nap too. Hope I sleep tonight!

We are trying to decide where to go next. Penrhyn (Cook Islands) is close, but expensive to check in and out. Manihiki is on the way to Suwarrow, but we are unsure if you can check in there or not - conflicting information. Suwarrow is 960 miles, and sets us up for due west run to Samoa. So, we are pretty sure we are going there, just haven't decided if we will make a stop along the way. I am leaning towards going straight to Suwarrow. Lots of reasons, laziness and the unwillingness to deal with all the check in hassles of the Cook Islands are two big ones, but am anxious to get to Fiji. So far, although everything is pretty, it hasn't been good for being in the water, or hanging out on the beach, or snorkeling etc. Suwarrow is a preserve - no customs/immigration per se - $50 fee to anchor. There are 2 caretakers that live there 6 months out of the year. The reef is healthy (read - there are sharks), so spear fishing, beach combing and snorkeling are reportedly beautiful. Ah decisions, decisions.

So yeah laundry - linen more precisely and towels - YUCK! I sure hate doing that stuff by hand. Do you know that an old fashioned wringer is about $120? After today, that doesn't sound so expensive. Has to be done, but uses up a lot of water, don't know why I get so freaked out about that - we will make more. Just feels wrong sort of. At least things dry fast - the breeze was very nice today - kept it relatively cool too.

Found out why the sound wasn't working on the TV system - cable was cut in half. That would do it. Found that out as we were pulling it. Made problem solving easy - nothing subtle about it. Dennis soldered it back together - it was a hard fought battle, but Dennis won. Stupid thing is back in one piece again. Sure hope we don't have to re run it the way it was - must have cut about a million cable ties (ok, so maybe only 15 but it felt like a million).

Pretty moon tonight - orange sliver with a big bright star by it. Seemed weird that it was setting at 730p - don't know why - just did. The stars out here are amazing - even with the brightly lit fishing/cargo vessels all around (They remind me of car dealerships all lit up - all the time). You can see the milky way, sometimes seems so close you could touch it. And of course the southern cross. Guess we are not in Kansas anymore huh? (do you wonder what my first clue was???? LOL)

So scheduled for our bus ride adventure tomorrow. Wish us luck!

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