Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pictures - Fanning Island II

 View of the pass to the north east ish.  taken by Josh when he was up the mast rehanging the radar reflector and checking sails and rigging.
 Hey Rose - how is this for a pizza oven?  I am sure Craig is drooling.......
 More customs and immigration - Dennis and Josh in the background, the police chief in the foreground.
 The rescue of Jean Michael in his wayward dinghy.  What you can't see is the Kwai in the channel behind them.
 The school bus - pretty scary
 The village from the top of the mast
 Tabita and Ti arr a moa (or something close to that) prepaing dinner.  2 kinds of fish - red snapper, bread fruit french fries, rice, poisson cru etc....
 Tabita, Carla and Paul.  Tabita using a tahitian style coconut grater to generated coconut and then coconut milk to use in dinner.  Lots of work...
Check out those teeth!!!  sure tasted good though!

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