Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 0 We are off the dock

Well,it is official - we are cruisers again. YAY! Spent the morning Friday finishing up with emails and other boat prep odds and ends. Josh and Dennis returned the cable boxes ours and Moondance's)and did a final Safeway run and brought home lunch from KFC. What will life be without MONSTER and the Colonel? Brett and Suzanne, whose boat name I cannot pronounce help cast us off at 1430. Then came the circus at the fuel dock. Of course we get there at the only time in my memory that there where boats waiting in line. But several hundred dollars and a bit of frustration later, we were all fueled up and heading out the channel - behind a barge. We were able to say our farewells to Ron on Serenity on the VHF. He was just returning from Kauai. For all the R&R folks, he had a good trip (24hours) winds never above 25, broke something on his reefing rig that he had to fix at 0200, dodged a few barges, but otherwise no problems, home safe and sound. Karen and Ed supposed to be leaving today. Winds are supposed to be lighter. Hope they have a good trip as well.

After leaving Ron, we motored over to Electric beach, anchored for a few while Josh dove on the prop and bottom of the boat. All was well, so we left for Pokai Bay. The winds ranged from 2 to 25 knots. We had the staysail and the double reefed main up. Made Pokai by 1830. Had steaks on the BBQ and listened to the live music coming from the beach. Was a good night, but not necessarily a quiet night - Friday night in Waianae was hopping. More sirens than I have heard in a long time. Reminded us of how quiet Ko Olina is.

Today we are having a leisurely morning. I am going to try my hand at making loco Moco - a local dish with rice, spam or hamburger, fried eggs and gravy. Dennis and Josh put together brownies for my birthday - smells yummy! I guess it is my birthday I could have brownines for breakfast if I wanted..... We are trying to bribe Josh to swim in the last bag of garbage. Maybe after I feed him?

Day one tomorrow

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