Friday, June 28, 2013

Fanning Day 3

Hooray we have power! Dennis was able to put the generator back together and after some fits and starts (and loud use of his extnsive sailing vocabulary) got it running. Everyone is happy - especially the batteries.

So that was Dennis' big job done. Still not sure why we had the problem. I guess that is next on the list. We still have a few other chores to get done before we can leave, but no real rush for those. Guess we will have to start looking at weather for a good wind window to Christmas Island. It is only 160 miles, but we have been told that in light winds it is hard to overcome the current - plus it is upwind. So we will see. But for now, we are going to enjoy this island. Josh's job list was pretty short, but the big one was to stay on the boat, help his Dad and make lunch. He tells me Mac and cheese is much easier in the microwave. "Pots are hard". Welcome to my life - lol!

Today I worked on Moondance's jib. Sure hope they can get their money back from Art Nelson in Oahu. Not only did they not oversew all the places that needed it, after 6 months and only 1200 miles - the new patches are falling off!! I mean really! I got a good bit done after the requisite arm wrestling with my machine. Today it wanted oil - once it got it - it was all happiness and nice stitches. Of course finding the oil - now that was another matter in and of itself. I had given up and Dennis said he thought he had some light machine oil in the liquid/sealant/oil/caulk/glue bin and yep, you guessed it - that is where I had put it for safe keeping. Finally quit for the day around 1400. Still have a lot to do, but hey we are retired - no point killing myself - it will be there tomorrow. Carla's trade was to do some laundry for me. I am sorry their sail needs repair, but it is a good trade from my point of view. Sewing for Laundry - good deal.

Well, it seems there will be no little vanilla harnesses running around. We found the dinghy motor harness in one of our under bed storage areas - right where I put it I am sure. The vanilla must have been a figment of my imagination. It was definitely on my list (I went back and checked), and I remember looking at it in the store but I guess I didn't buy it. Lucky for me Carla is willing to share.

Did a short tour around this end of the lagoon with Dennis this afternoon. It is shallow (go figure - its a lagoon), lots of fish traps - not sure if they are functioning or not, but that is the only reason for all the sticks that I can think of. Lots of fishermen out in their outrigger canoes. They cast hand lines. We went for a snorkel around a coral head. Saw some fish, a few bigger ones. The water is pretty murky though. I imagine it is because of the constant out flowing current; the water just doesn't ever settle. That's my theory - think I will stick with it. We took the dinghy out the pass - the water was much clearer in the pass and outside, but we did not see anything interesting on the bottom.

After that, we tooled on back to the boat, chilled a little, had a lame dinner (tortellini with red sauce) then played mexican train. Had to quit at 4s - we were all tired. Josh is sleeping in his hammock outside tonight - will once again have the best bed on the boat. I continue to struggle with being too hot at night. Makes me crazy (or maybe crazier??) Anyway, wish me luck, more sewing tomorrow - maybe more 'splorin' in the afternoon.

No Kuaui today - maybe tomorrow. Watched the kids (?) practice marching today. Their independence day is coming up - July 12. I guess July is a good month for independence.

Delphinia must be in SF by now. Bet they are happy to be on land - hope they toasted us at Trader Vic's!!!!

Heart Strings - How are you doing??? Getting good wind?? Hugs to Mom, bro and the kiddos

To the rest of the R&R gang - do a maitai walk for us.

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