Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 5 - No we are not there yet

0300 zulu 576 miles (145 last 24 hours)
Lat 14 deg 0 North, Long 158 deg 33 W
course 183 T (more or less with the windvane steering)
speed 5kts sailing (triple reef main and stay sail)
wind E (maybe ENE)
windspeed 20 kts (range 17 to 25)
swell 9 ft from the E
cloud cover 70%
bar 1012 steady

So, another relatively uneventful day on the good ship Evergreen. It has been mostly cloudy today - no rain so far. The windvane steering and I both love the third reef in the main. It and I are actually getting along. Not quite BFFs, but definitely civil - amazing what a balanced boat will do for that relationship.

Still pretty bouncy even though the wind is behind the beam. Sleeping arrangements have been pretty funny really, kind of a round robin for the two best spots - the settee and Josh's room. I slept in Josh's bed after my watch this morning - seriously considering moving in (kidding Josh - sort of). He has it the best. Normal size bed and a hatch that can open. Its the small things....

Dennis opened up the generator compartment today to see if he could diagnose the problem. Still not sure, but probably the head gasket. Milky oil and all that. Bottom line, nothing to be done about it until we get situated at Fanning. So until then we are dependent on solar and running the engine (sucks makes it hot down here). Did decide that the new rule is no whole day marathons working on the generator. To aid in his grieving for the generator, Dennis had a glass of wine with dinner. I had a sip, but decided against more.

Which brings me to my next topic. Do you realize this boat has been decaffeinated, alcohol free and sleep deprived for 5 days??!! Its amazing- all body parts are accounted for and intact. I imagine it also accounts for the increased intake of advil - at least on my part. I think that seasickness manifests itself as a headache and no appetite for me - which I will take any day over nausea - kinda tired of the headache part though. Josh and I were thinking about cold soft drinks, and even he wasn't too excited about that.

For Mr. Brad - weather man extraordinaire - I think you have called it well so far. Hey who was to know that the big island cast such a long shadow. Of note the clouds today produced a most excellent sunset - hey the teenager brought it to our attention, so you know it had to be pretty spectacular! Sure wish I could post a picture.

Otherwise, just here in the middle of the ocean, kinda hanging out moving south. Also of note is that the teenager had 3 emails tonight - ALL FROM GIRLS! I think we got out of there in the nick of time.


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