Sunday, June 2, 2013

Relaxing after a crazy busy boat work day

So, what does a day in the life of a cruiser - pre cruise look like - Well, here goes.  Up at 745 (I slept in), do yesterday's dishes for Josh, fix breakfast (eggs, bacon and fried potatos).  Get Josh up to eat by 0900. Dennis was working on mounting the subwoofer in its cabinet, so I could replace the rest of the contents of the cabinet.  Dennis and Josh out the door by 0945.  Josh going to a friend's graduation event in Honolulu.  Dennis list consisted of:  Drop off Josh, return toilet seats to Home Depot (sadly did not fit), buy new toilet seats at West Marine (so expensive they should wipe for you), go pick up stern pulpit (second crack being welded) - not ready, so will need to be picked up today, buy surfboard cover, pick up Josh - oops Josh is going to lunch with friend, come home, drop motor mount in water, wait for Josh to come home to go dive for it. While they were gone I took advantage of being the only one in the boat and: tore apart the port bunk (this was a far more complicated process than it sounds), laundered the blankets and sheets for storage (this requires three round trips to the laundry room, actually remembered my gate key two of those times!), make up bunk with new sheet and cover with tarp to protect, replaced items in subwoofer cupboard, cleaned out Josh's school shelf, emptied my briefcase, sorted aft cabin cupboards, brought out Josh's school books for sophmore homeschooling, culled as much as possible, restowed, pulled out my regulator and BC (required removing all the books on top of it), replaced books (including books from all around the boat that needed stowing, and we all have e readers....), Sorted my "cubbie" in our cabin, found yellow Quarantine flag - Yay!  Replaced all items in port bunk. Some place in there I ran the engine for 30 minutes.  Dennis arrives home - doesn't look like I have done anything but make a mess!  Josh arrives home and does multiple eye rolls and " I hate you"'s, before diving for the motor mount, finds it, showers and gets the rest of the day off (except for the dishes he did before he went to bed).  Dennis works on motor mount, I dust our cabin.  At 1530 I decide I cannot face the boat another minute, but its too early to stop.   So, off for a walmart run - oh and KFC for Josh - oh and Ace for stainless steel bolts and lock nuts for Dennis.  Arrive back at the Marina at 1715, quick stow a few items, shower and head out to Waianae (why a nye) to Tacos and More with the whole dock gang (pictured below).
Today, pretty much a repeat of yesterday, with more driving than yesterday.  No Tacos and More tonight.
Plan to leave on Thursday - if the weather cooperates and the stars are aligned properly..... No matter, its close and still lots to be done.

Photo: Celebrating Delphinia's cutting the dock lines at Tacos & More.  Have a wonderful adventure!

L-R (Capt. Kim, Kristie, Kaki, Brad, Me, Dennis, Debbie, Ron, Kara, Steve, Doug, Ryan, Carla, Carol, April)

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