Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 4 - are we there yet?

That was the dinner time question from Josh. Think we are all thinking that - gotta love the teenager for voicing all of our three year old thoughts....
so where are we
lat 15 deg 56 min N
long 158 deg 25W
course 178 at 8kts (little slower now- we brought in the jib)
wind 20kts from the east (maybe a little north in there)
50% cloud cover bar at 1012 and falling slightly

My watch was uneventful last night, the windvane was cooperative, so we got along well. I sleep first, and that was definitely not fun, so really didn't sleep much at all. Even as short as I am doesn't help when sleeping sideways in our bed. I was awake before Dennis came to get me. Slept great for a few hours on the settee this morning. Dennis and Josh put out some jib and whoosh we were off. Was a very fast day - made a total of 152 miles in the 24 hour period, and considering I never got over 5kts last was rip roaring. Which of course means waves. Finally have all hatches closed, sad as now it is stinking hot down here.
Took one as I was serving dinner. Into the main salon - we had turned down and only opened it a tiny bit so I could not burn up - well mother nature tried to douse me. I am going to have a huge load of towels to wash. Gotta love microfiber though, I have everything covered with it - dries in no time.

The only other thing today was the obligatory mal function of the generator. We don't even know what is wrong as Dennis hasn't had the heart to open the compartment. That and it is so rolly, would give him another bout of seasickness.

So, all is well. Jealous of Delphinia and their fisherman aboard. Not that I think anyone here is actually up to fish at this point. Also congrats to Moondance on their arrival at Fanning. Happy Birthday Mel.
Take care all
til tomorrow

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