Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 1 Evergreen Oahu to Fanning Island

position at 0300 UGT
19deg 30 min N
158 deg 13 min W
course 180 T
motoring at 4kts
wind East at 7kts - variable
swell 4-5 feet
barometer steady 1013.6

Had an okay first day. Have made about 160 miles. Currently in the wind shadow of the big Island. Made it out of Pokai at the butt crack of noon. The boys made me brownines for my birthday yum! We changed our reefing lines in the main to from the first and second to second and third. Nice! Boat is way more balanced, especially if we are just using the staysail. Kind of bumpy getting away from the Islands. Made myself seasick because I forgot to close the front hatch, we took a wave and then I had to clean up in the bumps and it was hot. Bleh! hate that. Over it though. I think we have everything (finally) stowed securely and so that it is quiet.
We all pretty much vegged today as sleeping conditions last night were not the best. The sun was out all day, so at least it was pretty. I had premade chilli and rice, so that was dinner tonight.
Otherwise, settling in, getting my remedial training on the windvane steering. That is another object with which I have a love hate relationship. Actually I love it - requires no power, is quiet and is backup steering. It however hates me - always sets perfectly for Dennis - holds a course etc. Not so much for me, but the new sail configuration helps (smaller main = less weatherhelm) so, maybe we will call a truce. I will let you know after my watch tonight.
Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there....

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