Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wednesday -Ok, so maybe not....

Right, so the chip came yesterday (Tuesday), worked fine.  We were on track today (Wednesday) to leave around noonish.  On his way to return the cable box (internet) Dennis spoke with Ryan our coast guard neighbor who said the forecast for the next two days called for high winds - in the 40 knot range.  Now, I am pretty adventurous, but with that kind of wind, comes wind waves - in other words an uncomfortable ride.  So, we decided to hang out at the dock (where there is internet and ice and showers) for a couple more days.  The current, tentative, maybe if the stars align just right plan is to head out to Pokai Bay (about 2 hours away) on Friday to get our sea legs and make sure we and the boat remember how to do this thing.  Then head south on Saturday.  As I said, that is the current plan - no promises.
Just another  example of our ongoing love-hate relationship with the wind.  We don't want too much or too little - we want it to be just right.  Or at least within the range of just right.  Seems kind of crazy, and if we had only been stopped for a couple of months, we may have just gone on. But, since I haven't been on the water since Thanksgiving, discretion is the better option.  I really want to go, but not that bad.  Sort of like leaving for San Francisco from Tracy on a Monday morning at 0700 - just for fun.  Not!  I have to keep telling myself that we are not in a rush (which we are not) and to just chill.  It will come back to me, but right now am still in work, get ready and go mode.
On the up side - the boat is in very good order.  We can pretty much relax until we go.  I even cleaned things not on my list today!  Josh got a driving lesson in the jeep and according to Dennis did real well.  I made muffins and enchiladas, cleaned the fiberglass in the cockpit (Collonite Fiberglass boat cleaner - great stuff), cleaned the stainless in the sinks (gross - really guys?  just say no to cleaning varnish brushes in my very expensive sink) and played barber for Dennis.  All in all a pretty good day - oh yeah and the laundry is done.
So, I will keep you posted on our ever changing plans.
Oh, and it seems the blog is in a different time zone than me - this was written by me on Wednesday at 1900 hours

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