Friday, June 7, 2013

Leaving the dock T minus 1 day

Gotta love cruisers - can't pin them to a schedule for love nor money.  Goal was to leave today, but that just wasn't realistic. And anyway, other than the cost of another two days at the dock - what difference does it make?  We are leaving - soon.  Josh was able to see his good friend JT graduate and participate in the myriad of activities surrounding that.  Tuesday he took his Life guarding test and passed (we are safe now - for sure). I have bought many dollars worth of groceries and supplies - makes me laugh - still nothing to eat on the boat!!  I found a source for fresh non refrigerated eggs!!!!  The hard dinghy has new paint, I found the Samoan flag that I had managed to lose on the boat - sewed the reinforcement today and the sewing machine is stowed in its place.  The kayak is tied on, the anchor locker full (to overflowing), and the shade down. Still have one more food run for fresh produce and the things on my list that didn't get checked off.  We found scuba gear for Josh and had our two tanks hydro'd.  We are cleared to leave the country and Wednesday was Josh's last day at swimming - we brought pizza (a snack to tide them over till they got home for dinner).  I posted my "gone sailing" out of office on outlook at work!  That was fun.
Today's biggest hurdle was getting laundry done.  Seems that some (add adult language here) fisherman washed some very fishy laundry in 3 of the machines in the marina laundry room.  Thankfully for me (not so much Carla) I came after the discovery of the contaminated washers.  Wow her laundry smelled like fish!! One of the nice things about this community is that we help each other out.  So, I went to the office to report it and volunteer to run bleach thru the machines - while Carla went for bleach.  I ran a bleach cycle in each of the machines, then reran Carla's wash and started on mine. 4 washings later and her laundry was passable. Mine was fine - just was slow doing it in 2 machines instead of 4 (#4 is out of order).  So, except for the clothes on our backs today - everything is clean.
Tomorrow is tie up loose ends and finish up stowing day.  Hopefully it will all come together - if not maybe we are actually T minus 2.  Not going far when we leave - just up the coast a mile to clean the bottom of the boat and then a few miles further to a nice little anchorage.  Winds are looking pretty good for the sail to Fanning Island - approximately 900 miles south of here.  We expect it to take about a week.  Will not be any amenities there, but pretty and a good cultural experience.  Once we leave I will be back to posting via the SSB - Hope I remember how.  Please feel free to send us text emails ( - cc our gmail just in case).  I vaguely remember that we have to email you to add you to the accepted emailer list - or some such nonsense. I understand it keeps the spamers out, but is still kind of a pain.
Well, gonna eat my icecream - treat we won't have access to for a while.


  1. So close, hang in there. Thanks again for taking care of our fishy laundry. I owe you big time!

  2. Fishy laundry does not sound good!