Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 3

0300 UTC
Lat 17 deg 58 min N, Long 158 deg 12 W
course 183 T
speed 5 kts undersail
winds from the E at 16 kts
swell from the E at 7 ft with a few 12footers thrown in to keep us on our toes

I guess we are finally away from the effects of the big Island. Was a pretty bumpy day today. Sunny though, so that counts for alot, especially when you are trying to dry things out. I closed the salon hatch, but didn't dog it down all the way on the port side (the direction the waves are coming from) and of course we took a big one. Not too big of a deal, mostly a PITA. After that all the books and stuff came off the top shelf on the port side in the salon - the Evergreen version of 52 pickup. Picking up all the coins was the most fun. Both boys were a little off today. Josh said he waited to long to take his medicine - he was down for the count from after his watch at 0900 until about 1530. Dennis laid pretty low as well. He got up just in time to give our position report on the net. I had a moment and didn't get him up. Pretty easy for the cook though - no one was hungry until suppertime.

Right this minute it is nice and calm. We have come about 285 miles. No overland speed records, but that is okay as it has been relatively comfortable. We may put up more sail tomorrow. I had a couple squalls blow through last night, but they were mild - actually gave us some wind so I could turn off the motor. About the time I got my rain coat - it stopped raining. Not seeing much out here - a few birds and the obligatory flock of flying fish (none of whom have come to visit - thankfully).

Hoping for an uneventful night
more tomorrow

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