Friday, June 28, 2013

Fanning Day 4

Well, according to Doug the gribs were/are forecasting 8kts or less of wind. Good thing we know that is +/- 10 kts. Blowing at least 18 today. Made sewing that much more fun. Accomplished a lot today on Moondance's jib, as well as bashing my own self in the nose with my own thumb! I have a perfect imprint of the edge of my thumbnail on the bridge of my nose. I am not sure I have ever hit anybody that hard - on purpose or otherwise. Lots of unladylike language, a little blood and yes I even made my own self see stars. Sheeesh want a clumsy butt I am! I think I should be able to wrap up that project tomorrow.

Lots of excitement around here today. The MoaMoa came this morning. It is anchored just outside the pass. Lots of boats (small) back and forth today. Huge pile of rice and flour bags on shore , I saw a boat go by filled to almost overflowing with boxes of canned goods. Must be like Christmas for these folks. Then our neighbor up the lagoon - Jean Michael - lost control of his sailing dinghy and was getting washed out the pass. So the Moondance/Evergreen rescue dinghies went out and towed him back. They were literally chased in by the Kwai (yeah I was spelling it wrong). It is at least 100 ft long and is anchored right in front of us. It is pretty interesting right now as the current here does a version of the La Paz waltz. So we are facing north east, and the Kwai is facing north west (ish). We laughingly (sort of ) wondered if we should put out our fenders. Anyway, there has been lots to watch this afternoon.

We also scored 2 fresh Trevalle from Fred and Jim. Nice size. They also had one big ulua - maybe 50 lbs and two other fish around the same size, but we are not sure what they are called. Nice! So you know what we are having for dinner tomorrow.

So what else? The generator had another successful run today. We are making water (yay!). Oh and the pressure relief valve on the hot water heater blew this morning. Dennis and Josh ripped up the floors trying to figure out where the water was coming from. Fun! Glad I missed it - even if I did bonk myself in the face. Dennis and Josh made the trip in to use the internet. Josh says it was so hot that he didn't do everything on his list he wanted to get done. Personally, I think that looking at facebook tipped him over. Sometimes being a teenager being dragged around the Pacific has got to really stink. Got to give him credit for putting up with us and trying - in general.

Had yummy tri tip tacos for dinner on Moondance. Just as we were prepping to leave, the tender from the Kwai came by - to let us know they had to be where they were (which is pretty close to us) and in a nice way say if we didn't like it, we should move. Frankie was nice and invited us for drinks later. Well of course we took them up on that offer. The Kwai is out of Honolulu, goes to Christmas, Fanning, Washington, Christmas, Fanning, Christmas then as far south as Rarotonga (Cook Islands). The crew is multinational - can't name all the countries, but the captain is Israeli, US crew, maybe Aussie and then locals. It has sails, and the Captain (Evy) says they motor sail as much as possible. Very interesting to talk with them all. Tomorrow (Sunday here) is their first day off in a couple weeks, so they all seemed to be looking forward to an off day.

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