Sunday, June 9, 2013

What do boat projects/provisioning look like?

Here are just a few of the projects we have completed in the last 2 weeks.

This was the new VHF remote in the cockpit - means we don't have to use the handheld.  Hard wired to power.  Nice
 Josh redid the teak cockpit table.

 Hard to tell here, but the stainless steel stern pulpit is missing.  We had to take it in to Honolulu to get it welded.  Major pain.  It is all back in place now.  Looks great!
 Took the Green Machine to the cushions in the salon - yewww!  Definitely on the list to replace in New Zealand (new stainless for the aft deck too)
 Did an all day provision yesterday (Friday)  too late to put it all away last night - still have some out there now, but Josh did a great job of stowing the beer in his lower bunk.  Hmmmm Motivation???
 Finally found non refrigerated eggs - 5 dozen shown here - before Josh dropped the toaster on them - Omelets for lunch!!!
 The rest of yesterday's shopping - and I had put some away at this point.  The settee is provision free at this moment.  Fishing poles are in their new holders on the back rail.
Oh, and lest we get thirsty - don't forget the alcohol.  Seriously, it is soooo expensive to get out of the US.  The plan is for this to last us to New Zealand.

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