Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The countdown has resumed

Looks like we are really going to leave tomorrow.  The new chip arrived today, and all systems are good to go.
We ended this stay in Hawaii as we started it - Dinner (late) at Chuck's.  Only this time we knew our waiter (same one as on that first night - thanksgivinig eve 2011), knew the woman delivering drinks (Kristin), and knew how and what to order - fish and chips for me, salad bar for Dennis and maitais.  We were also in time to see the fire dancers, the finale to the resort Luau.  Not bad.
Josh is in Honolulu for a final night with friends - so all is good in everyone's world.
Still have a few items to stow, a meal to cook, laundry final load, keys to return and cable box to return, but we should be done and out of the slip by noon.  Hopefully I am not being too optimistic, but really we are in good shape.
Now, if only the wind and weather cooperate.  The first day and a half will be a mixed bag as we navigate behind the Islands - no wind, thru the passes - lots of wind and repeat until we reach the southern end of the big island which can be pretty windy with mixed seas as the trades wrap around it.  After that it will be back to the regular, irregular.  Hopefully there will be some wind and not too many squalls. 
Our first stop is Fanning Island, part of the Line Islands in the country of Kiribati.  It is about 900 miles from here - pretty much due south.  After that it will be short hops from island to island.  Christmas Island, Kiribati, (another Line Island), and then we will see which ones we stop at before heading to Samoa, Western Samoa, then Fiji.  Fiji will be our main destination this summer.  Sometime in August (probably towards the end) we will head to Tonga, hang out there for a while and then wait for a good weather window to head to New Zealand sometime in October.  All of this is pretty loose - as we try not to sail to a set schedule.  If we like it we will stay longer, if we don't we will leave and find someplace we do like. 
We are all looking forward to going back on cruiser time.  I am the only one that wears a watch.  Our schedules are pretty weird during crossings, as someone in almost always trying to sleep.  We seem to have a system that works for us, and that is all that matters.
I will be posting via sailmail until Samoa or maybe even Fiji.  Look forward to hearing from you

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