Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 7 - we may not be there, but definitely in the tropics

0300 zulu miles 722 (146 in the last 24 hours)
Lat 11 deg 54 min N Long 158 deg 50 min W
course 175 T (more or less with windvane)
Speed 6 kts (sailing, triple reef main, stay sail and partial jib)
Wind for the East at 15 kts
swell from the east 2 meters
cloud cover 70%
Bar 1011 steady ish

So, not too much new to report. Ran the engine to charge the batteries - guess what -not pulling amps. HMMMM what now. So Dennis checked everything - voltage regulator, alternator and finally the most simple thing - the alternator belt. It was loose. Had just been checked before we left Oahu, but oh well, it was loose. At least it was a simple fix and we are all charged up.

The seas have calmed down some, so we have had some hatches open - a little bit. Because OMG it is hot. Debbie on Delphinia en route to San Francisco dreams of hot showers, I dream of cold ones. Partly sunny today, cloud cover was nice - maybe it kept it cooler??? Josh had a wash up on the back deck and I had a shower after dinner, so feeling a little more human. The alternator thing through off our watch schedules some, but I hope that means I will sleep well tonight before my watch.

Little bit of excitement on Dennis' watch last night. Saw a freighter - only 3 miles away - on its way to Japan. And the radar reflector fell down. Didn't feel like I slept much, but must have slept some as I didn't hear it fall. Dennis' said scared the crap out of him. He was able to grab it with a boat hook and tie it down. Evergreen rule number one - never leave the cockpit when you are by yourself - especially at night. So good boy - saved the reflector without leaving the cockpit.

So, figure we have a little more than two days to go. Should be the most interesting weather wise. Brad and the gribs agree the wind should die down tomorrow and we will probably see some rain and squalls. Boat sure could use a good dousing (everything inside too), not too excited about the squalls, but I guess that just comes with the territory.

Gotta give a plug here for Thrive dehydrated foods. I used the seasoned ground beef in burritos tonight, and it was really good. Thanks Crystal. Have any of you R&R er's heard if they left and how they are doing?

till tomorrow....

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