Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 8 its called convection

0300 zulu (822 miles)
lat 9 deg 36 min N
Long 158 deg 53 min W
course 182 (ish) T
speed 4 kts (motoring)
Wind speed 7 ne
swell 5 ft from the ne
cloud cover 100% raining
bar 1009 (down from 2 from yesterday)

Okay, so what do you call it when two different weather patterns come together and cause clouds - convection. Yes, I am from a profession that likes to use big ass fancy words instead of plain english, but really, why not call it what it is? RAIN and lots of it. It has convected nearly all day today. In plain english we are wet, wet, wet.

I had a good watch last night - once again subdued the windvane steering. No rain for me, but really damp. Josh was on his way off watch (0900) and took a huge wave. He was wet through. I was snuggly tucked away in his bed, so I missed that.

Next thing I hear about 1000 is a big splash - and Josh jumping up and looking for towels. You guessed it, the salon hatch was open and he took a wave (as did the settee, the table, the floor etc). So I helped him clean that up and went back to bed. Later on just as I went into our aft head (to do what you do in a head), it started raining. Thinking I had time to finish my business, I figured to close the hatch after - well, no such luck. Our cabin took a wave. It was so big that water came in coming and going - talk about a helpless feeling.... The bed got some (but could have been worse), the rug was wringing wet, clothes and towels - all wet. It really has not stopped raining since. So yeah Brad, lots of convection, and I think the southerly is coming early. We were able to sail right until 1700 ish (0300 zulu) then the winds dropped to nothing. Motored for about an hour and a half, wind is back sort of but from the SE. So looks to be one of those kind of nights. Can't complain though - It is a warm rain. Felt good to cool off.

Oh, and you can tell I am a cruiser - my thoughts regarding the rain ran mostly to - "bummer if only I could put buckets out to catch it for the laundry".

Here is another sailing tidbit. Although it looks like we should be arriving at our 900 mile destination, we probably won't get there until Monday. Sad but true we don't sail in a straight line - its even worse with the windvane. So yeah we have come 822 zig zaggy miles. We try not to get too disheartened by it.

On some personal notes - good to hear s/v Heart Strings has left the dock for San Diego - fair winds my friends. High fives to Chase and Dagny. Hang in there Delphinia, look at it this way, we are warmer, but you are eating better.

Well, just turned the motor back on. Need to make water, but the batteries need to get topped off first (dam gen set).

til tomorrow - from the very damp crew of sv Evergreen.

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