Sunday, June 9, 2013

T minus 1 and holding - Houston we have a problem

10  Motor - check
9   Sails - check
8   watermaker - check
7   generator - check
6   provisions - check
5  outboard - check
4  SSB - check
3  laundry (5 loads) - done check
2  updated charts - check
1  chart plotter functioning - not!!!

So, we were mostly on track to head out tomorrow.  Dennis was working on the charts last night and lo and behold the new upgraded charts would not work on the chart plotter.  After a late night and much muttering and head scratching he was able to upgrade the software on the chart plotter this morning.  Crazy thing uses compact flash drives - in the megabyte range.  Unheard of these days!!! Worked it out though.  New NZ charts working fine. Old charts, with $150.00 worth of upgrades - not so much.  Pretty sure the chart plotter upgrade corrupted those files causing a catastrophic fail. Cannot get this chart chip on Island, I mean why would we be able to get Pacific Islands charts in Hawaii (a Pacific Island)?? By this time the west coast was closed. Were finally able to get a hold of Waypoint in Alameda - for a price they will go in tomorrow (Sunday) set up a chip and ship it out Monday first thing.  We should have it by Tuesday, and be out of here on Wednesday - should being the operative word.  Really, as much as I love technology, there are times when it really is a pain in the butt!
We pressed on regardless however.  The boat is looking pretty good.  Both dinghies are on deck, one of three weather cloths is up, new fishing pole holders installed, settee free of provisions, our patch of the dock is looking pretty bare.  I even cooked dinner - for the second night in a row.  Who knows we may have to relax......
So Houston, we are in a holding pattern and expect the countdown to resume on Tuesday.  I will keep you updated....

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