Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 11 Arrived Fanning

1600 local time - 0200 zulu (but only Tuesday)

YAY! We have arrived at Fanning Island.

Not sure of lat and long, but hey we are here.

Another day of motoring (after a day and night of motoring). The wind helped a little bit last night, but Dennis brought in the stay sail and jib this morning - may have been slowing us down - certainly were not helping. The wind was right on our nose for most of the last day (south - Brad) anywhere from 5-10 (max) knots. Seas were flat, and today was bright and sunny -clouds around us but no rain. The iron genny got a real workout the last couple of days.

The pass into the atoll was cake - fast as it was a flood tide, but no problems. We were contacted by Moondance about 15 miles out - invited us to dinner. Got a good connection about 4 miles out and got the scoop on the pass. Was very nice to be greeted by a friendly voice at the end of a long haul.

Since the seas had been so calm I was well rested, so had the boat in reasonable shape. Flags up, plants hidden, alcohol jugs put out of sight, main salon mostly tidy. Poor Dennis - trying to read and I kept bugging him with questions.

Anyway made it thru the pass and anchored next to Moondance (only took three tries - ok we are rusty). Was so nice to be still. We had our celebratory beers and were generally relaxing. Doug from Moondance went to the dock to pick up the customs and quarantine folks (our dinghy is still deflated on the forward deck) and they came aboard about 1730ish. Pretty laid back group - all 5 of them. Not sure who was what, but the lady was the quarantine person, there was the customs guy and the police guy and two others who not sure what they represented, but one of them did a lot of translating. Anyway, after explaining that Dennis was the captain on the seas, but I am the captain of paperwork - I got to work filling out forms. Pretty standard really. The quarantine lady had me write out what fresh fruit and veggies I had on board, meat, eggs, and then sign that we had no pets or plants (ok, so I perjured myself a little there, but hey - they are Josh's plants). They ate chocolate, cuties and peanut butter pretzels, had water and beer (only one took up that offer). After the paperwork, they came down and did an cursory look around, I paid them $60US and off they went - courtesy of Moondance taxi company. They said there is internet here, so I may be able to post some pictures -we'll see.

As atolls go it is pretty standard, small, pretty, lots of coconut palms. Their supply boat is coming on Thursday (comes 3 times a year!), so ought to be pretty busy around here this week. Doug and Carla could name all the things on the shelves in the store, so I guess it is time for a reprovision.

Had yummy lasagne with Moondance - and Carla's mom's peanut brittle - double yum! Have a said how nice it is to be still????

Was not a bad crossing, but still glad it is over. Hope Delphinia and Heart Strings are hanging in there. BTW Delphinia - won't be much warmer in SF. In fact can be downright cold there in the summer. Lots of fog in the mornings, sometimes it burns off, sometimes not. The hotter it is in the central valley, the colder and foggier it will be in the city. Won't matter to you though, cuz you will be still!! Hope the R&R had a good potluck tonight - Hi and hugs to all. Welcome back Kara - how did the dress fitting go? Hey Ryan - did you get a picture of us????

Well -time to go to my nice still bed. Got lots of boat chores to do - and stillness to enjoy.

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